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*Authentic* DARK HAWK Full Gram Disposable

Available in all Flavors, Indica, Sativa and Hybrid

*Authentic* Live Resin FULL Gram Ceramic Carts

*Authentic* Live Resin FULL Gram Ceramic Carts Available in Indica, Sativa and Hybrid.

#1 Khan Vaporizer



  • It has good battery life (2500mAh battery)
  • It uses good, quality materials (aluminum build, ceramic chamber)
  • It has an LED for precision temperature control
  • It is compatible with a separate bubbler attachment


  • It can get a little hot to the touch
The Mig Vapor Khan is a discreet-looking dry herb device that also features precision temperature control. The Khan has a low-profile design that makes it portable but has an internal 2500mAh battery that gives you the power you need to create excellent vapor. The device uses an all-ceramic chamber that can house up to ½ gram of material. It uses a sturdy, Pyrex glass mouthpiece as an isolated airpath to improve vapor flavor and quality. Reasons to Get This Device:
  • It’s discreet but also powerful
  • It has precision temperature control between 302-464F
  • It has a lightweight aluminum build
  • It vibrates when ready
Kit Contents:
  • One x Khan vaporizer
  • One x Glass mouthpiece
  • One x Glass bubbler/water filter
  • One x Cleaning brush
  • One x Pair of Tweezers
  • One x USB charging cable
  • One x Alcohol wipe
  • User manual

#2 KandyPens Crystal



  • Excellent build quality (stainless steel, quartz)
  • Four different power levels
  • Easy-to-use
  • Excellent airflow


  • The unit can get hot
The KandyPens Crystal Black is a concentrates-only pen. The device features an all-stainless steel exterior and holds an internal 900mAh battery. The device uses a coil-less, all-quartz atomizer and convection heating. The Crystal Black has a glass mouthpiece that attaches to the stainless steel top cap. The top cap is threaded so users can easily remove it to access the oven underneath. The unit consists of three main pieces: the top cap, the atomizer, and the battery. Airflow vents line the exterior of the atomizer, providing excellent vapor quality. The Crystal Black also has four separate power settings, indicated by the LEDs down the front of the unit. The power levels run from 2.6V to 4.2V. The four LEDs on the front also show battery life. Users must click the button five times to activate it and press three times to change the power setting. The Black also comes with a Sesh Mode that powers the atomizer for ten seconds.

#3 Sol E-Nectar Collector


  • Portable, lightweight design
  • Easy-to-use
  • Sturdy, exterior design
  • Multiple power settings


  • Low battery life
The Mig Vapor Sol E-Nectar Collector features two different atomizer styles that gives vapers the option to use it as a regular pen or an e-straw. The device uses a standard flat-disc ceramic atomizer for its pen design, while it uses a quartz-tipped heating element for use as a nectar collector. The internal 400mAh battery also comes with three different voltage settings that are controlled by a single operating button. Reasons to Get This Device:
  • It’s like two vaporizers in one
  • Different power settings for more versatility
  • It charges really fast
Kit Contents:
  • One x Mig Vapor Sol E-Nectar Collector Wax Pen Vaporizer

1:1 CBD Pomegranate Gummies 40mg

If you are new or sensitive to edibles, the Pomegranate gummies are an excellent place to start. Have some before getting into your yoga routine, or climbing to the highest peak. Buy 10 and get 2 free.We've taken the best of both worlds with our Pomegranate gummies. They are a great compliment to any adventure by providing a balanced and enjoyable high for both mind and body. If you are new or sensitive to edibles, the Pomegranate gummies are an excellent place to start. Have some before getting into your yoga routine, or climbing to the highest peak. Wherever your expeditions may take you, our Pomegranate gummies make for a perfect companion.

1:1 Honey Lavender Caramels

Oh, how the pleasures of sweets can be so sinful. We believe in the principles of good versus evil, love over hate, and the sweetness of a life well-lived. Sometimes a bit of willful indulgence and wickedness can set you free. Sweet Sins are handcrafted by the culinary devils of pleasure and enlightenment. Sweet Sins are non- GMO, pesticide-free and lab-tested for potency and purity.

1:1 Lemon Ginger Lozenges 100mg 10-pack

The cannabinoids in a lozenge are absorbed through the mucosal membranes under the tongue giving them a higher bioavailability than a fully ingested edible, and a quicker onset of effects. Our lozenges have a shelf life of one year and should be stored in a cool dark location.  Nutritional Information: Calories-12 Sugar-2.2g All other categories (sodium, salt, fat, etc are zero) Gluten Free, Vegan

1:1 Mandarin Artisanal Gummies

Find great joy in the craftsmanship of our culinary endeavors.We find great joy in the craftsmanship of our culinary endeavors. Our skilled artisans create inspiring, distinctive, handcrafted delicious edibles using non-industrialized methods, that inspire a life full of curiosity. Encore Edibles are non-GMO, pesticide free and lab-tested for potency and purity.

1:1 Mandarin Chewable Troches 200mg


Mandarin flavored 5mg Chewable Troches containing a 1:1 ratio of CBD to THC, 20 pieces per package.

1000mg CBD Gummies-40 Count

Combining premium CBD extracts with natural sweeteners, our organic gummies are both pure and potent. Each gummy contains 25mg of full-spectrum CBD.

1000mg CBG Oil

Meet the mother of THC and CBD: CBG. This all natural, hemp-derived broad spectrum CBG oil is the perfect thing to soothe the mind and body. ● THC Free ● Palm Oil Free ● Contains 1000mg CBG Lab Tested | Organic | Made in USA